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The Garden – From Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird

“The garden is amongst the two exceptional metaphors for mankind. The garden pertains to life and appeal and the impermanence of all living things. The garden associates with feeding your children, offering food for people. It comes from an instant territorial drive that we can most likely trace back to animals keeping food. It’s a competitive screen mechanism, like having a benefit bull, this greed for the absolute finest tomatoes and English tea roses. It pertains to winning; about offering society with exceptional things; and about showing that you have taste, and excellent worths, and you strive.

And what a great relief, in some cases, to comprehend who the opponent is. Due to the truth that in the garden, the opponent is everything: the aphids, the climate condition, time. And so you put yourself into it, care a lot, and see up close a lot birth, and advancement, and appeal, and risk, and accomplishment. And after that whatever passes away anyways, right? But you simply keep doing it.”

(From Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird: Some Directions on Composing and Life)

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